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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing, a powerful holistic practice, channels and manipulates the body's energy to heal and harmonise the mind, body, and spirit, enhancing the soul's natural capacity to heal. By connecting to the Universal Life Force and encompassing techniques such as Reiki and Quantum Healing, Ankh Life Force Harmonisation enables the clearing, cleansing and energising of the bioenergetic energy system of the client, including chakras and meridians, all of which are cleansed and recalibrated during a session.

In these sessions, the practitioner, an 'Incarnate Indigo', may use touch or hover their hands near the client, often accompanied by soothing elements such as music, crystals, or tuning forks tuned to the healing frequency of love (432 Hz). Remote viewing and spiritual connections with Ancestors may also play a role.  In this session, we will provide guidance and support to initiate the process of carefully eliminating any reverse coding present within the DNA template, which are often the cause of many ailments and dis-ease. Our aim is to embark on a transformative journey towards restoring the 'Original Divine Blueprint' of the 12 strand double helix DNA (some clients will have 24,36,48), while also supporting the soul to undertake multi-vector and multi-dimensional recoding. To facilitate this profound transformation, we will utilise specific light frequencies and colours designed to activate particular chakras and shields, thereby enabling the client to embrace and sustain bursts of energy up to the D12 frequency to assist in the ascension process to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. 

Energy healing facilitates the clearing of energy blockages and imbalances, often linked to various ailments. This restoration of energy flow enhances the body's innate healing power, promoting overall wellbeing and harmonisation of the bioenergetic field, which in turn raises the client's frequency and elevates them to higher levels of consciousness, and elevates mind, body and spirit.

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Ankh Life Force Harmonisation™


Purify, revitalise and harmonise your energy essence with the power of Ancient Egyptian Wisdom.

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Spirit & Entity Release

Ensuring Peace and Sovereignty through Remote Clearing & Cleansing – Reclaim Your Space, Free from Unwanted Energies.


Healy Resonance

Healy: Embracing the Quantum Dance of Healing, Harmonising Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Universe's Frequencies"

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