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I completely and utterly recommend Yvette. She is pure positivity and feminine kindness, making you feel completely as ease and welcome, however it is you communicate with her. My QHHT session with Yvette healed a small issue in my shoulder (as proof for my belief system that it really is that simple - despite the fact that I know this, we sometimes put limitations on what we believe can happen for ourselves). And I was given an image to see to heal the loose piece of cartilage in my knee, this in conjunction with my healed shoulder pain, has worked wonders. I no longer even stop when the cartilage moves, I see the Vision I was given in the session doing its job, and I am now happily doing aerobics as the vision has slowly removed the issue each time it presented itself. Regarding other things, my session has given me a lot of confidence to live out my life path and stop procrasting! Knowing what a simple task I have and the enthusiasm that Yvette gave me to get on with it has been one of the most precious gifts to my wellbeing. Thank you special lady. You are a diamond and I would recommend anyone to use this lady's healing services 💜💜💜💜

Esme Loki Terres

Thank you Yvette for facilitating such a powerful and transformative session. Yvette has such a calm and loving manner, she really holds an amazing space for whatever healing is ready to come through.

The thing I love most about QHHT is that it's your own higher self speaking to directly rather than via a channel. Since then I've get more connected to my higher self and found her easier to differentiate when she is speaking to me.

I'm still only at the earliest phase of unpicking the messages that came through during my session, but I'm so glad I did it and would definitely recommend it to others.

Megan Bingham

I first went to Yvette for the Angelic reiki healing/ chakra realignment with amazing results. I then just recently went for past life regression and it simply blew my mind!! I can't recommend Yvette enough. She truly is fantastic with the work she does for people.

Rick Gibson

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