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Ankh Life Force Harmonisation™ Reiki

Step into the realm of 'Ankh Life Force Harmonisation', where ancient wisdom and celestial guidance converge to awaken your true power. This sacred energy healing journey invites you to immerse in the profound energies of Egyptian deities, particularly Isis, and connect deeply with your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Animal Spirits.

Each session is a dance of energies, delicately recalibrating your chakras and meridians, through hands on energy healing. Here, you embark on a path of profound transformation, as your bioenergetic field is purified and revitalised, allowing you to reclaim your innate strength and serenity.  Using exclusive techniques  discordant entities, energies are attachments are released and relocated, harmonising your bioenergetic field while respecting its integrity.

At the heart of our practice pulses the divine energy from the Source Creator, a pure, healing force channeled directly into the essence of your soul. This powerful surge empowers you, igniting your self-healing capabilities. Your soul, wise and knowing, harnesses this energy, guiding you towards profound healing and rejuvenation.  Our healing sanctuary resonates with music tuned to 432 Hz, the frequency of universal love, harmonised with the healing vibrations of tuning forks. Intuitively selected crystals further enhance this sacred space, drawing on the Earth's restorative energies.

Enveloped in a sacred space protected by the elemental guardians – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – you are held in a cocoon of safety and nurturing. This is your haven, a place where healing is not just a practice but a divine experience.

We invite you to Ankh Life Force Harmonisation, a gateway to rediscovering your inner harmony and vitality. Embark on this journey with us, and be guided towards a state of balance, rejuvenation, and profound inner peace.

This exclusive session is offered both at our tranquil clinic and as a remote service, accommodating your unique needs and circumstances. Should you prefer the convenience and comfort of a distance session, we kindly request that you send us an email following your booking. This will enable us to gather essential details and a photograph, ensuring a personalised and effective healing experience tailored specifically to you.

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