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Spirit & Entity Release

Embark on a journey of profound spiritual liberation with a Remote Spirit & Entity Release session. This one-hour remote viewing session is a sanctuary for your soul, offering a transformative path to release and heal from various ethereal attachments that may be influencing your physical and mental wellbeing. Such attachments, spanning from earthbound spirits to extraterrestrial entities, dark forces, or even artificial intelligence, might have accompanied you across lifetimes or emerged in this current existence.

This session begins with a comprehensive remote viewing and a full-body scan of your Bioenergetic Field.  This deep, intuitive examination allows for the identification and transmutation of dark, low-frequency energies, stagnant sludge, or debris, that are draining your life force energy, or potentially causing mental or physical manifestation of dis-ease.    Various attachments are meticulously addressed, including earth-bound entities, extraterrestrial beings, dark force entities, dark elementals etcetera,  guiding them to the realm or dimension in which they belong.   Additionally,  implants, nano-bots may be identified and any disruptions in your auric field, repairing and restoring them to wholeness, as well as removing any false templates, gently and safely.

Throughout this session, your being is infused with healing, high-frequency energies, ensuring a holistic rejuvenation of your spirit.   This session requires no client attendance, and can be experienced while you are asleep, relaxing, or meditating, according to your preference, ensuring comfort and ease.  An audio recording of the session is provided for your reflection, along with insightful guidance on safeguarding your bioenergetic field against future disturbances.

It is essential to note that this session is conducted only with your full, signed consent, honouring your autonomy along your spiritual journey.  Paperwork will be emailed to you after booking, which must be completed and returned 48 hours prior to the session date.  Additionally, bookings must be made personally and cannot be arranged on behalf of someone else.

In this one-hour session, you will not only experience the remote spirit and entity release but also gain valuable insights into personal spiritual protection based on your session, empowering you on your path to holistic well-being and spiritual resilience.

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