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Healy Resonance Sessions

"Healy - Frequencies for Life"

What is a Healy Device and how does it work?

The Healy medical device is a quantum frequency therapy device made to the highest standard in Germany.  It is controlled by an App on the smart phone which sends information to the small Quantum Healy Device.  It can be used as a wearable device or it can be used remotely.  It can be used on people, animals, plants & buildings for clearing and cleansing. All energy and information within the quantum field can be accessed, and therefore distance is no problem for the Healy Resonance Device. The Healy is a tool for identifying where imbalances occur in the body, and allows you take back your power and take charge of your healing.

During the aura analysis, the Healy Resonance Device scans your bioenergetic field, and analyses the auric field.  This will give significant information about the balance and strength of the aura and 7 chakras.  The Healy Device will then scan the chakra’s that are the lowest to analyse your information field and offers further information about the problem, allowing you, the client to use introspective thought processes to analyse why this may be happening.  The Healy Device will then vibrate into your bioenergetic field the exact frequency required at that point in time - to assist you into a state of balance, strength and harmony. 

There are over 120 programmes, and 144,000 different frequencies within the Healy Resonance Device; this is support for you, your body and cells.  In this way it uses individualised microcurrent frequencies (IMF) to harmonise your bioenergetic field.  

The Healy Resonance scans your bioenergetic energy field and reports which specific programs you require; which programs you need at this specific point in time; in order to aid the healing processes and rebalance.

The Healy Resonance scan can help with bringing a multitude of mind, body and spiritual issues into balance and harmony. 


All Healy Programmes

Healy Deep Cycle Programs (12)

Healy Protection Programs (8)

Healy Chakra Programs (7)

Healy Meridian Programs 2 (10)

Healy Meridian Programs 1 (10)

Healy Bioenergetic Balance Programs 2 (12)

Healy Bioenergetic Balance Programs 1 (12)

Healy Mental Balance (8)

Healy Skin Programs (5)

Healy Beauty Programs (60

Healy Sleep Programs (4)

Healy Job Programs (7)

Healy Fitness Programs (8)

Healy Learning Progrmas (9)

Pain/Psyche Programs (7)

Healy Gold Cycle Programs (7)


The Resonance is also able to scan the bioenergetic field for the following, and to scan across the vibrational frequency of that element.  


Bach Flower Rescue Remedies (Emotional) (39)

Materia Medica (42) (homeopathy)

Amino Acids (76) (vitamins/minerals etc) 

Australian Bush Flowers (68)

Alaskan Gem Elixirs (48)

Schuessler Salts (27)

I-Ching (64)


If you have a specific problem or concern then a programme can be set to run for a specified length of time using targeted electronic pulses, a microcurrent distributed by using wrist bands, ear clips or pads.    

A Quantum Healy Resonance Device certainly has its place firmly in Complementary and Holistic Medicine.  Allowing you, the client to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

The Healy Device is a none invasive, drug free, pain free, and surgery free therapy that many seen as the revolution of 21st century medicine. To quote Nikola Tesla ‘If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy and frequency’. 

Does Healy work remotely?

Yes absolutely! The Healy Resonance app can be used remotely since we are working within the quantum field and quantum mechanics, distance from A to B is not a factor at all – it simply does not matter. In terms of quantum entanglement, the points A and B - when one is stimulated – so is the other… therefore distance is of no; here is no distinction between them - A and B simply resonate in sync.  Once  you have entered into an agreement for a session and your information has been entered into the App , the program is then run.  The session can be undertaken via Zoom, the Telephone or simply with Intension.

Is Healy safe?

All microcurrent frequencies are set to an exact amperage, which is safe and low energy. The company followed the same principle of frequencies as those available in the larger TimeWaver machines, the 13 years old parent company also founded by Marcus Schmieke and used by TimeWaver therapists around the word.

The Healy has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a bioenergetic resonance device to relieve pain, stress, along with balancing your mind and body through the use of individualised frequencies.




FULL Combination Resonance Scan and Aura/Chakra Scan

Aura/Chakra Scan
Includes consultation, analysis, vibrational treatment, and a PDF email.




Full Resonance Scan
Includes consultation, full analysis, vibrational treatment of the programmes most resonated with plus the Bach Flower Rescue Remedies (Emotional), Materia Medica,  (homeopathy)

Amino Acids, (vitamins/minerals etc) Australian Bush Flowers,

Alaskan Gem Elixirs, Schuessler Salts, I-Ching, etc and a PDF email with findings.

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