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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy offers a unique pathway to healing and self-discovery,  encompassing all aspects of your spiritual and holistic wellbeing. Through spiritual regression hypnotherapy, you can delve into past life experiences, past memories or explore deeper aspects of your subconscious mind that are ready to be healed, as well as connecting to your Higher Self to ascertain important information. This journey can provide valuable insights, potentially unveiling the spiritual or emotional roots of current physical or mental conditions.  Understanding these connections often leads to significant healing and personal growth and ascension to much higher levels of awareness and consciousness.   Furthermore, hypnotherapy aids in entity removal, addressing negative energies that may be affecting your mental and emotional balance, as well as removing personal or ancestral hexes and curses.   This process is vital for those feeling hindered by unseen influences, as it restores harmony and promote of inner peace.

For individuals seeking to purify their present DNA template from any distortions and to realign with their 'Original Divine Blueprint' - the sacred architecture of the 12 double helix strands of DNA - this noble aspiration can indeed be facilitated through the practice of hypnotherapy. This process is elegantly designed to enable clients to resonate with, and sustain, heightened frequencies up to the D12. Through the serene journey of hypnotherapy, one can meticulously navigate towards this restoration, embarking on a path that not only honours but also revitalises their most profound spiritual essence for the ascension process.

By engaging in these therapeutic practices, you not only take your power back and work towards resolving specific issues, but also gain a deeper understanding of your overall health. This holistic approach can lead to profound transformations, offering relief and clarity that permeate both your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

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Ankh Ascension Hypnosis™

Uniting Spiritual Insight with Clinical Expertise for Profound Healing and Conscious Ascension


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)®

Journey Through Past Lives to Unveil Deep Healing and Mysteries of the Unexplained


Introspective Hypnosis®

Navigating the Subconscious for Complete Healing and Transformative Self-Discovery


Soul Center Healing Hypnosis

Harmonizing Mind, Body, and Spirit for Deep Healing and Inner Peace

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