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Ankh Ascension Hypnosis

All the knowledge, wisdom & answers you are seeking are within you,

waiting to be discovered.

Ankh Ascension Hypnosis.png

4 hour Session 

In Person or Zoom


(deposit of £169)

Ankh Ascension Hypnosis (AAH) represents a unique and personalised session that embodies the culmination of Yvette Sheppard's profound knowledge, ancient wisdom as an Indigo, as well as an array of methodologies and techniques utilised within hypnotherapy and the metaphysical realms. In this immersive experience, we place unwavering trust in the soul's wisdom to navigate the client through the corridors of time - be it to a past life or a moment within the current lifespan, pinpointing the precise juncture where healing is paramount. With the aid of meticulously selected tools and techniques, the client is adeptly steered through the healing process, reclaiming their power on a multi-dimensional level . We address and resolve any instances of soul fragmentation or entrapment with the utmost care.


Furthermore, we provide guidance to spirits, entities, or earthbound souls that may be intertwined with the client, ensuring their transition through a safe portal home.  Dark entities encounter a similar fate, being managed with the necessary expertise and discernment.


Throughout the session, we engage in a dialogue with the superconscious, posing critical inquiries that promote healing. We solicit the superconscious to commence the delicate task of reversing any distorted coding, false templates or implants within the DNA template utilising bursts of D12 frequency.  Our quest is to facilitate a profound metamorphosis, aiming to re-establish the 'Original Divine Blueprint' of the 12 strand double helix DNA, with the understanding that some clients may exhibit 24, 36, or even 48 strands. To aid in this deep-seated transformation, we harness particular light frequencies and colours tailored to activate designated chakras and shields, thus empowering the client to harness and maintain energy bursts of levels reaching the D12 frequency. This holistic session is designed to be an expedition towards spiritual awakening and the reclamation of one's intrinsic vibrancy of their 'Original Divine Blueprint' and ascension.

This profound method of healing is not confined to physical boundaries and can be effectively administered both in-person and remotely via platforms such as Zoom. To ensure an immersive and uninterrupted experience, a gaming-style headset with a fixed microphone is essential, alongside a quiet, undisturbed space for the duration of the four-hour session.

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