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QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - Dolores Cannon Method

All the knowledge, wisdom & answers you are seeking are within you,

waiting to be discovered.


4 hour Session 

In Person Only


(deposit of £169)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an extraordinarily potent hypnosis modality, birthed from the innovative mind of the esteemed Dolores Cannon. As a proficient QHHT Level 2 practitioner, trained under the guidance of Julia Cannon and Kaya Wittenburg, Yvette specialises in navigating clients through Dolores' meticulously crafted technique. This journey facilitates a state of profound relaxation through guided visualisation, transporting individuals to pivotal moments across lifetimes, where invaluable insights await to illuminate their current existence.

During a QHHT session, clients often encounter remarkable revelations and may undergo profound healing experiences. The Higher Self, a reservoir of infinite wisdom about the individual, orchestrates these sessions. It intuitively discerns the most healing and enlightening experiences to reveal, be it a past life on Earth, an existence in galactic realms, or pivotal memories from the current lifetime that need to be healed, each session is uniquely tailored to the individual's journey.

Echoing Dolores Cannon's words, "each client will receive exactly what they are ready to receive." The session encompasses a reflective dialogue on the client's life journey, delving into the ten pivotal questions they yearn to ask their Higher Self.  QHHT is a gateway for the soul, guiding it to the precise experiences and insights needed. While it's common to explore several past incarnations, the experience varies with each individual. The session reaches its zenith when we commune directly with the Higher Self, presenting the client's questions and facilitating a comprehensive body scan to pinpoint areas in need of healing, with subsequent healing invoked through the Higher Self's intervention.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is not merely a therapeutic tool; it is a pathway to profound healing and enlightenment, offering clarity and direction in life's crossroads.

Clients have often discovered profound relief through QHHT, identifying emotional root causes of physical ailments and receiving healing guidance from their Higher Self. This process often yields fresh perspectives on love, life, and existential puzzles, shedding light on enigmatic experiences, including unexplained phenomena or encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

The scope of QHHT also extends to surrogate healing – a compassionate offering for loved ones unable to partake in their own sessions. Here, the client becomes a conduit, connecting to the loved one's Higher Self during hypnosis, facilitating inquiries and healing on their behalf.

QHHT Session - A Message From The Sun - The Ascension

A Message from the Sun  - The Ascension
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