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Yvette Sheppard
Quantum Healing Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

We are Multidimensional Beings! Spirits Living Temporarily Inside a Human Body

The Universe has a very magical way of directing you to the teacher, the healer, the friend that you need in your life at that specific point in time. If you have found your way to my page today, then I am certain that the Universe and your Higher Self have brought you here for a reason.


I am a very proud Indigo Starseed and will talk about metaphysical spirituality all day long if you allowed me to. I have been ‘awake’ since around the age of 5, when I first started to see energies around people, and my ancestors who had transitioned to spirit (they always smiled back at me). I’ve always known, as powerful human beings we have the ability to control what we create within our reality.  I come from an amazing long bloodline of very powerful women who used their exceptional gifts to help other people. I have a great knowledge and understanding of the metaphysical world, and of the quantum matrix, as well as a deep understanding of how energies and frequencies create and shape the world around us.


I worked as a midwife for 14 years and was blessed to work with some amazing people, women and families. In just the same way that I had a calling for midwifery, I too felt the calling to follow my Soul Journey. I knew there was something extremely important that I was being called to do. I made the huge decision to make a career change and follow my Soul Journey. I knew with every cell of my body that I came here, to earth, with a mission. My mission is to assist in The Great Awakening by guiding others to awaken and heal from within; as well as removing any blocks or energies that may be preventing them from doing so.


I have been a quantum/spiritual healer for as long as I can remember, and also trained in the art of Angelic Reiki, a beautiful form of multidimensional energy healing.  In 2017 I discovered the amazing Dolores Cannon a world-renowned hypnotherapist who developed the phenomenal technique QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – with the most incredible self-healing results.  I resonate with Dolores’ teachings unequivocally – everything I intuitively knew since being a little girl – she discussed in detail (it was as if she was my Grandmother)!  I completed the level 2 training in Oxford & met my beautiful soul family who are scattered perfectly all over the globe!! I have also studied hypnotherapy and NLP.  Using these modalities and techniques has indeed opened up a whole new world of the most incredible deep healing.


Every morning I wake excited to meet my new clients… to guide them along their soul journey, to remind them of who they truly are and to take their power back!  I teach my clients how to control their energy and frequency, how to create a better life!! How to live a life full of love and joy!! Every single healing session is mysterious and unique!! I never, ever know where the session will lead…. But I know that the healing in that session will be absolutely perfect for that client.

I’d love to take the credit for the healing that is given in my Healing Room… but honestly, I have an enormous multidimensional, highly evolved team working with me; Archangels, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Sirius and Pleiadian Energies all come forth during sessions.   I am the bridge of light that connects to the high frequency energy of love to Divine Source, and I channel that energy through. My frequency is high, true… it’s at a specific ‘key’ that activates & awakens (it’s a Starseed thing). I have the privilege every single day of meeting the most incredible people; giving them guidance and information to allow them to take back their power and begin the process of multidimensional healing and awakening from within.


I am excited to meet you and walk beside you on your beautiful journey.

Disclaimer, I Yvette Sheppard am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. All healing is powerful self-healing. QHHT & Angelic Reiki are not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek a registered healthcare professional opinion first.


"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it   without"


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Allow me to guide you to true self healing from within... the power is within you!!

Yvette Marie Sheppard




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