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Talk Therapy

Unlock a brighter tomorrow and discover the power of Talk Therapy.

A safe space to explore, understand, and transform your life.

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90 minute session -£135

If you're seeking support and guidance but aren't ready for hypnotherapy, our Talk Therapy sessions offer a perfect starting point. In these sessions, I create a confidential and safe space where you can openly share your concerns, issues, and personal stories. My role is to listen attentively and help you identify and modify troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. Through our discussions and conversations, it is possible to find relief from distressing symptoms, enhance your daily functioning, and significantly improve the quality of your life. These sessions are ideal for those who are curious about hypnotherapy but would like to explore therapeutic conversations first.


We start with an initial appointment to thoroughly understand your needs, followed by additional sessions that continue to support your journey towards wellbeing.

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