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Spirit Release and Relocation Therapy 


It is possible for individuals to have earthbound spirits, dark force entities, ET attachments or AI attachments, that may be affecting their physical and mental body, causing an array of unwanted symptoms.  These attachments may have been with you for many lifetimes or may have manifested in this current lifetime.  

Remote Spirit & Entity Release Therapy is a healing session that incorporates Angelic Reiki healing, but in addition a full body scan of the Bioenergetic Field of the client, or energy field of the building/room, or new project, is undertaken through 'remote viewing'. Dark and low frequency stagnant energy, sludge or debris can be removed and transmuted with permission of the client's higher self.  Attachments such as earth-bound entities, ET's, animals, dark force entities, AI, can be identified and either helped to transition to the light, or will be relocated to the place where they belong.  Implants and nano-bots may be identified and removed where appropriate.   Rips and tears in the auric field can also be repaired.  Healing frequencies are transferred.   The session can be facilitated with the client on zoom, or whilst  asleep, relaxing or meditating; whichever you are most comfortable with. An audio recording of the session will be recorded, as well as information on how to protect your bioenergetic field from further problems.  This session will only be undertaken with the client's full signed consent.  

Booking's will not be taken on someone else's behalf.


The 1 hour session incorporates, the remote spirit and entity release, and  information regarding personal spiritual protection.

£174.00  - 1 hour session

Please also note, that within a hypnosis session, specifically Introspective Hypnosis, or SCHH, spirit release and relocation therapy is part of the session.  The client is asked to scan the bio-field and report any concerns, which are then dealt with appropriately.

This enables you as the client to take your power back; to acknowledge the entity or energy, and to have an understanding of why this energy is there.  It can also give you a greater understanding of how its presence has been affected you up until this point. 

If you feel you have an attachment of any sort, please do let me know when you complete the application for hypnotherapy.  

£333 - 4 hour session


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