Spirit Release and Relocation Therapy - Implant removal

Remote distance sessions and in person sessions available. 

Canva - Silhoette of Person Releasing Re

It is possible for individuals to have Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities and ET attachments that may be affecting their physical and mental body, causing an array of unwanted symptoms.  These attachments may have been with the person for many lifetimes or may have manifested in this current lifetime.  

There are two techniques that may be used in order to remove and relocate an attachment of any kind on a person or indeed in a property.

Whilst under a sacred geometry pyramid, Yvette will remote view and scan an individual's Bioenergetic Field and remove any attachments, earthbound entities, ET's, animals, implants or nano-bots or anything that does not have permission to be within the Bioenergetic Field.  


Along with her team in spirit and Angelic and Galactic Teams of light, these energies are then relocated back to the light to the place where they belong.  High frequency healing energy is transmitted and any repairs to the auric field are undertaken.   The client is not required to be present or on line at this time as Yvette works in trance.  

This technique is undertaken with clients anywhere in the world. If you are able to relax, meditate or sleep whilst your session is being undertaken this is great, but not essential.


Once the session is booked you'll be contacted for further information.

Once the session is complete a report of the findings and work undertaken will be compiled and emailed.