Spirit Release and Relocation Therapy - Implant removal

Remote distance sessions and in person sessions available. 

Canva - Silhoette of Person Releasing Re

It is possible for individuals to have Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities and ET attachments that may be affecting their physical and mental body, causing an array of unwanted symptoms.  These attachments may have been with the person for many lifetimes or may have manifested in this current lifetime.  

There are two techniques that may be used in order to remove and relocate an attachment of any kind on a person or indeed in a property.

1). During a hypnotherapy session it is possible to scan the  physical and light body to assess whether there is indeed an attachment, or implant.  These can then be removed and relocated and healing of the chakras undertaken. This technique can be undertaken online or in person.

2).  It is possible for Yvette to remotely scan an individual's Bioenergetic Field using remote viewing and remove any attachments or implants - relocating them back to Divine Source and transferring high frequency healing energy and repairing the auric field.  This technique is undertaken remotely anywhere in the world. 

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