Spirit Release and Relocation Therapy 

Canva - Silhoette of Person Releasing Re

It is possible for individuals to have Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities and ET attachments, curses or covenants that may be affecting their physical and mental body, causing an array of unwanted symptoms.  These attachments may have been with you for many lifetimes or may have manifested in this current lifetime.  

There are various tools and techniques that I use in hypnotherapy in order to guide you to assist the attached energy, remove it, and relocate it to its place within the light. 

This enables you as the client to take your power back; to acknowledge the entity or energy, and to have an understanding of why this energy is there.  It can also give you a greater understanding of how its presence has been affected you up until this point. 

If you feel you have an attachment of any sort, please do let me know when you complete the application for hypnotherapy.