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Healy Resonance

Service Description

Full Resonance Analysis & Treatment. This transcendent experience begins with a comprehensive consultation, delving deep into the essence of your being. Here, a full combination resonance analysis merges with an aura/chakra analysis, unraveling the mysteries within your bioenergetic field. The Healy Device, a conduit of quantum wisdom, will impart upon you the vibrational frequency treatment most in harmony with your needs. This is a dance of energy, a harmonious alignment of your bioenergetic field with the universal frequencies that resonate deepest within your soul.  These bespoke frequencies will be transferred to you either in person or via remote healing. Furthermore, within the 1 hour session this journey allows you the freedom to choose three additional categories, each a realm of healing and insight. These selections tailor the experience to your unique energy signature, enhancing the depth and efficacy of your healing: Bach Flower Rescue Remedies (Emotional) - Delve into the floral essences that address the emotional spectrum of your being, bringing to light and soothing the emotional disturbances that ripple through your soul. Materia Medica (Homeopathy) - Explore the homeopathic realms, where minute yet potent vibrations of natural substances work to harmonise and heal, aligning your physical and etheric bodies. Amino Acids (Vitamins/Minerals) - Uncover the essential building blocks of your physical form, ensuring that your body receives the precise nutrients it requires to thrive and regenerate. Australian Bush Flowers - Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of the Australian flora, harnessing their unique energetic properties for deep emotional and spiritual healing. Alaskan Gem Elixirs - Engage with the elemental energies of Alaskan gemstones, their elixirs infusing your being with the strength and clarity of the Earth's most enduring treasures. Schuessler Salts - Balancing your mineral needs, these salts bring equilibrium to your cellular function, resonating with the foundational elements of your body. I-Ching - Consult the ancient Chinese oracle, a guide through the complexities of life's journey, offering insight and perspective on your path to wellness.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: Notice of Cancellation or Rescheduling: Clients wishing to cancel or reschedule a session must provide notice to Ankh Healing & Hypnotherapy (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider") not less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the scheduled session date. Such notices must be communicated directly to the Provider via the designated contact methods provided. All sessions must be rescheduled within 8 weeks of the original session date. Deposit and Refund Policy: The deposit paid by the client at the time of booking a session is strictly non-refundable under all circumstances. In the event of non-attendance or failure to cancel or reschedule a session in accordance with the above stipulated notice period, the client shall be liable for the full session fee. Payment of such fee must be rendered forthwith upon demand by the Provider. Paperwork and Authorisation Documents: Clients are required to return all necessary paperwork and authorisation documents to the Provider within forty-eight (48) hours of the scheduled online session date. Additionally, any outstanding balance of the session fee must be paid in full within this timeframe. Failure to comply with these requirements grants the Provider the unequivocal right to cancel the session. In such an event, the client shall be responsible for the payment of the full session amount. Administration Fee for Cancellations: In instances where a session is cancelled within the permitted time frame as outlined herein, an administrative fee of fifty British Pounds (£50) will be imposed. This fee is to cover the administrative expenses incurred by the Provider in processing the cancellation. This cancellation and rescheduling policy is binding upon the client and the Provider and constitutes a legally enforceable agreement. By booking a session, the client acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined herein. The Provider reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time, with or without prior notice to the client.

Contact Details

  • Ankh Healing and Hypnotherapy, 100 Main Street, Blidworth, Mansfield, UK

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