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What is happening on December 21 2020?

December 21st 2020 is incredibly special!! Firstly, it's the Winter Solstice, secondly, there is a spectacular, powerful sight to behold in the night sky!!! Step aside 'start of Bethlehem'... a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius - these planets will come into alignment for the first time in 800 years... EXTREMELY POWERFUL! Thirdly, and even more importantly, this is the point in time where the timeline will be set, going from the 3D (dimensional) earth to the New Earth the 5D. The power of the alignment of these planets will literally restructure the way that we are living and being. According to some incredible QHHT sessions I have facilitated the higher energies will continue coming through until 2025/2026, but from an energetic perspective the 21st December is powerful for manifesting the New Earth timeline. We must continue to do the shadow work, let go of the old ways, let go of everything that no longer serves us. Let in the newer ways of thinking and being, and of course assist those who are starting their path of awareness and awakening. This will allow us to enter the Age of Love or The Golden Age with ease.

The demonic evil on the planet does not want to let go , they are using fear to push their agenda. Let go of the fear, the anger, the resentment, let go of all those low frequency emotions that no longer serve you, so that you can move forward. It is important that you do your own internal work - everyone has their own individual path to walk upon, so everyone's healing, clearing out of the negative emotions, will be different; but as light workers it is our job to help and assist those who are newly awakening as it can be a confusing time initially. For many they will be leaving relationships, or jobs that no longer resonate with them, or dealing with trauma from the past. This is going to be challenging at first, but please know that there is something incredible, something so amazing words cannot describe. The New Earth, the 5D frequency is awaiting you!

This process has been happening slowly since 2012, and many have been feeling the energies since then. Rather than thinking of this transition as an upgrade, think of it as a reactivation; you have always been a powerful creator, it's just that most of your gifts were bogged down by eons (many past lives) of low frequency experiences that were held onto. Releasing those lower energies and healing from within allowing more of the light into your light body to shine brightly and elevate your frequency is imperative right now. This will reactivating the dormant DNA, taking your body from the carbon based to the crystalline based body, and reactivating those incredible innate gifts of manifestation, healing, tele-trasportation, telepathy, etc. Many of you have done a great deal of internal shadow work and are already dipping in and out of the 5D energies. There are many newly awakened souls that have hit the ground running since the beginning of this year and awakened rapidly; these beautiful souls need our help even more to move forward and be aware that they are loved and safe as we move forward to the 5D energies.

How do I deal with those who are still resonating with the 3D earth?

Well, I have so much love and gratitude for Dolores Cannon... every time I facilitate a QHHT session on a person who resonates with the 3D energies they have a rapid incredible awakening, bringing an awareness of those wonderful high vibe 5D energies. For a long time I would try to ignite that spark within them, praying that they would awaken from within by telling them the facts, the figures, the blood lines of the controlling lineage, the truth from a 5D perspective.... this doesn't often work!! People can only understand from their level of perception; what 'they' think and feel, they believe to be the truth. What I have learned is that if I see someone who is clearly living within the 3D matrix I simply open my heart and send them love. I love them - whether it's family, friends, strangers... I just open my heart and send love. Love will heal all - it truly will. They will awaken, they will have an awareness of the 5D reality if, and when they are truly ready. My guides (Council of Nine) have said for a few months now that I needed to focus on my own frequency and the end goal 'New Earth'. It's very easy to allow your frequency to drop if you are having discussions with people trying to 'make' them see what is truly happening on the planet (I imagine many of you feel that too)...better just to let go and love. Now is the time to raise our frequency up as high as possible, we have to raise the collective consciousness so that our love and our light elevates Gaia's frequency so high in readiness for the 21st December and beyond.

So what is my plan now?

In between seeing my gorgeous clients, I am meditating as usual daily, sometimes twice daily. I meditate on gratitude and love, in order to raise my frequency high. I get out into nature as much as possible (walk at 6.30 am daily). If something 'triggers' me, then I go deep within and do the healing work, sometimes that means meditating to find the answers, and sometimes I'll do a hypnosis session to find where the original source of the trigger was.

The Original Peoples of The Outback in Australia - those connected to Uluru and the teachings of the Ancestors and the Elders who have been preparing for this day on 21st December, like many of us, for lifetimes, have advised that we cleanse and clear our aura daily up until the 21st December in preparation for connecting our energies to Uluru and Gaia on that sacred day. The only tree I've ever managed to grown in the UK is a gargantuate eucalyptus tree (very Oz) ... the Elders say that eucalyptus is perfect and used by the Original Peoples to cleanse the aura... I've taken the leaves and harvested some lavender to make the most beautiful smudging sticks to cleanse my aura and surroundings. Of course you can use sage or palo Santo (Holy Wood) to cleanse your aura too.

I plan to meet with a number of light workers in a clearing in the woodlands locally at sunrise on the 21st December 2020. We will connect to the collective consciousness and blow our frequency so high it will be felt throughout the whole of the galaxy!! You needn't worry about the time to meditate on the 21st December, of course time doesn't really exist, and everyone is on different time zones. The important this is to meditate on that day, raise your frequency high and push the energies into our beautiful Mother Gaia to push us into the 5D timeline.

Sending you all a tsunami of love.

Y x

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