• Yvette Sheppard

The Great Awakening

What is an awakening?

The awakening is a period in our human lifetime 'RIGHT NOW' of enormous significance! This is the time where humanity gets to choose whether to ascend to the 5th dimension (5D) (a vibrational frequency) of unity, oneness, love and joy, or to remain in the 3rd dimension (3D) of polarity, good/bad, right/wrong, low frequency emotions such as fear and anger; and where the ego is dominant. If you choose to stay in the low frequency 3D, this path will lead to reincarnation cycles and ascension will not take place for approximately another 26000 years. For many it takes an emotional trauma of some kind to trigger that spark in you that ignites and accelerates the awakening process. E.g. a loved one dying, and illness or dis-ease, something that would bring great fear and stress, a divorce or accident.

Are you having a 'spiritual awakening'? Are you starting to see the world through new eyes?

Stages of The Spiritual Awakening

Stage 1

You feel that something is not right.

You begin to become unhappy with your current life situation; your relationship may not feel right, or you don't feel fulfilled within your job.

You are searching for something but don't know what; you feel that a jigsaw piece is missing.

You feel an emptiness and a longing for information, but you aren't quite sure what!

Stage 2

This is where things get a little more exciting. You start to see reality in a whole different light. You start to see through the illusion and through the lies. You question everything. At this point, if you fall down the rabbit hole and become aware of the many atrocities that have been happening on our planet since time began - you can start to feel angry at the suffering you see and quite helpless. Once you see things in the new light... there's no going back. You have now 'taken the red pill' as they said in the 'Matrix'.

Stage 3

You are now at a stage where you want answers. You need meaning and a way to understand this is by seeking out a teacher who can help you through this period of your awakening.

You are in search of your life's purpose. You know that you didn't come here to work a 9-5 job retire and die!!! You came here for soooooo much more!!! You know that you have a mission on earth - but what? What is it that would bring you fulfilment?

At this point you will probably flutter like a butterfly from one metaphysical and esoteric book to another, and be drawn to different spiritual modalities trying to find that missing jigsaw piece. You are searching for the meaning of life... but more importantly the meaning of your life.

Stage 4

Here is where the light shines through. As the Universe answers your questions and prayers, teachers will syncronistically cross your path... at just the perfect time. You have done a lot of soul searching, but you have so many questions for your spiritual teachers. You feel like you need all this new knowledge downloading instantly... but of course you couldn't cope with all that!

As you have a greater understanding you will feel a lightening of the load.. an expansion of awareness. You will see synchronicities one after another... 1111, 2222, 0303, 777 on number plates, on the clock, on your shopping receipt. You will think about someone and two minutes later they are there - and happen to give you some important information. This is the Universe giving you a wink... you're on track!!! I wish I could show you all the angelic and ancestral assistance you have whilst here on Gaia. As your teachers impart a greater understanding of what is happening to you, and to the Universe at this time; you will have periods of enlightenment... Wow moments, light bulb moments. There will also be moments where you feel quite lonely... where no-one else around you understands or can even comprehend what it is you're going through!! Before long, this phase shall too pass, and your frequency will raise higher and higher... to love, joy, happiness and oneness, with a clearer understanding of why you came here.

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