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Unlock the Spiritual Potency of Samhain (Halloween) with Ankh Healing & Hypnotherapy

Dear Beautiful Souls

As the vibrant autumn leaves herald the advent of Autumn and Samhain, we at Ankh Healing & Hypnotherapy extend healing blessings to you in this spiritually charged season!

Understanding Samhain: The Spiritual Significance

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year. The colours around us are changing to the most exquisite browns, reds, and oranges. The wheel of the year is turning, a time where we go inward a little, for some introspection, hibernation and slowing down. We see much deeper spiritual connections, heightened intuition and profound healing experience as the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest between 31st October and 1st November.

Samhain, a time of transformation and reflection, marks a period when the veil between our physical realm and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. Many cultures have sadly monetised and demonised this precious time of year as it sits closely with Halloween, and often the true meaning of this sacred time has been all but lost.

Samhain on 31st October until 1st November (the veil being thinnest at Midnight between the two days) is the perfect time to give love and gratitude and to honour our ancestors. We can light a candle or leave and offering of the energy of food or drink for the assistance and guidance received when working with our ancestors. We may want to tune into the etheric realm and sense if our loved one who have recently left their body has indeed crossed over to the afterlife with ease. For those souls who may not have crossed over to the afterlife, we can ask for the assistance of the deities in escorting our loved ones to the afterlife. Always remember to leave an offering of gratitude when working with such deities, a lit candle or an offering of the energy of food or drink is very much appreciated.

Spiritual Regression Hypnosis: A Samhain Perspective

The energies of Samhain significantly affect the spiritual energies that surround us. This potent period provides a unique window to explore past lives, understand karmic patterns, and facilitate deep inner healing. We see many Regression Hypnosis sessions where clients have very deep wounds to heal, but those wounds actually may stem from their ancestral line. During Samhain and Halloween when the veil is thinnest and we are focusing more on our ancestors, those who have passed we see that regression Hypnosis allows a client to easily access the root cause of a problem that may have occurred in their bloodline many lifetimes ago, and not only heal from this trauma but to heal all those of that blood line who came before.

Often curses that were spoken centuries ago will cause mischief and problems in this current lifetime, and until that curse is broken or removed in hypnosis, then the issue will continue.

Samhain is a Sabbat that many Pagans, Witches, Wiccans choose to celebration in honour of our ancestors. It is very much noted that as we enter this sacred month, there is always an increase in clients that I see, who during healing or hypnosis have needed to heal the Divine energy within them due to being hung, burnt to death, walled in or drown for being a wise woman, healer, midwife or herbalist in a past incarnation. During the Witch Trials 80% of the wise women, healers were tortured in the most horrific ways and murdered, but 20% of those who were killed are known to be men. Some signs that I commonly see in hypnosis that you may have been tortured or murdered during the Witch trials, is a discomfort around the neck or throat, feeling uncomfortable when people stare at you, a dislike of fires or oddly firemen (perhaps the wood chopper), a dislike of authority to name but a few.

Perhaps we choose to think about our ancestors who went through such atrocities that we may have freedom to shine our light bright, and seek their wisdom and guidance from the other side.

Here is a link to a short, guided meditation to meet your ancestors. Perhaps you may want to ask for some guidance or assistance.

Entity Release During Samhain: An Opportune Moment

With the spiritual realm more accessible, Samhain is an unparalleled time for entity release. If you feel that you may have an entity, earth bound, dark force energy attached. There are a few things that you can do for self-help.

1) Run a bath and put 3 big handfuls of Epson salt, seal salt or Himalayan salt in the water. Place a lit tea-light candle around each corner of the bath. In a small silk tied gift bag, place a piece of rosemary, sage, lavender and angelica leaves. These precious sacred herbs will help protect you. A small piece of obsidian or tourmaline along with a rose quartz to raise the frequency is perfect placed in the bath. If you have any rose oil/geranium oil, and frankincense/myrrh oil put a few drops in the bath too. Please do ensure that you are medically safe to use these herbs and oils as some pharmaceuticals may be affected by them, and some aren’t recommended in pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

2) Smudging is another practice that can help to remove entities from a person or place. Traditionally sage has been used, but if you don’t have sage, I’d advise using whatever grows locally or in your garden. For example, lavender or mugwort make excellent smudging sticks when dried out and bundled up, and really are potent weapons against removing unwanted energies.

3) If you feel that you may have energies attached, and you need some extra support in removing and relocating them, please do get in touch to engage with our specialised services during this period to free yourself from attachments and energies that hinder your spiritual and personal growth, fostering a life of freedom and clarity.

Here is a link to make your own smudge sticks and some ideas for a little extra protection around the home this Samhain/Halloween as the veil is at its thinnest.

“Elderberries: A Sacred Healing Ally at Samhain”

As we embrace the mystical energy of Samhain, it’s the perfect time to explore the healing and spiritual benefits of Elderberries, a revered plant ally that has long been used in various traditions for protection and healing.

Spiritual Benefits:

Elderberries carry a rich folklore, often linked to protection and warding off evil spirits. Associated with the Elder tree, considered sacred in many cultures, these berries are believed to be guarded by the Elder Mother, a spirit who offers her protection and blessings. Utilising elderberries in your rituals or simply having them in your space can invite the energies of protection and wisdom into your life.

Healing Benefits:

Elderberries are celebrated for their potent medicinal properties. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they play a crucial role in boosting the immune system, conquering colds and flu, and promoting overall respiratory health.

An Enchanted Elderberry Elixir

Homemade elderberry syrup is a delightful and effective way to incorporate the benefits of elderberries into your daily life, and to keep the flue and colds at bay.


  • 125 g of dried elderberries or 250g of fresh elderberries

  • 500 ml water

  • 125g of local raw honey

  • Optional: ginger, cinnamon, cloves or star anise for extra healing


You’ll also need a couple of large bowls, a sieve and some glass bottles.


1. In a saucepan, combine elderberries and water (and chosen spices). Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 45 minutes to an hour, until the liquid is reduced by 30/50%.

2. Strain the mixture using a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth, pressing to extract as much liquid as possible.

3. Allow the liquid to cool to room temperature, then stir in the raw honey.

4. Store your syrup in a sterilised glass bottle in the refrigerator.

Take a teaspoon daily for immune support, or use as a sweet, healing drizzle on pancakes, yogurts, or desserts.

YouTube video to make a delicious enchanted elderberry elixir.

When you are ready to commence your journey of healing, all reiki sessions and entity release sessions can be booked directly on line at your convenience.

Should you feel drawn to embark on a profound healing journey of hypnosis utilising the incredible tools and techniques of QHHT Introspective Hypnosis and SCHH, I invite you to explore the ‘hypnosis’ section on our website. There, you’ll find a short application form. Upon its completion, I will be honoured to offer a 20-minute complementary phone consultation, we can delve a little deeper into your aspirations for spiritual and emotional restoration.

Much Love – Yvette



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