• Yvette Sheppard

The Shift to 5D Consciousness - The Frequency of Love

Well ladies and gents we are certainly right in the thick of it. The cabal and deep state are throwing every fear based narrative they possibly can, to plummet our frequency to the deepest depths of despair!! Do not consent to this energy! Do not consent to the atrocities that are happening on our beautiful planet presently.

Remember where your attention goes, energy flows and you create your reality. Have an awareness of what's happening; firmly state 'I do not consent', and remove your focus from it. That means stop watching the deep state controlled news, stop watching TV that lowers your frequency. Have an awareness of how you are being subliminally programmed during adverts, radio, song lyrics. Take control and take your power back.

There may be restrictions in your area, but change the way you live. You have freedom of mind!! No-one can control your thoughts and feelings but you. Make the decision today to control your thoughts and take action if you feel that your frequency is dropping. Go for walks, connect with nature, be creative, write, paint, sing, dance, meditation, exercise, yoga or book a reiki session.

Be aware that there are many groups of Light Workers on the planet that are assisting Gaia to remove the low frequencies that have controlled the planet for eons; and to assist in this beautiful transition to the frequency of love (5th dimension).

Light Workers I make a plea to you at this time to do whatever it takes to keep your focus on the desired outcome of love on our planet. Shine your light bright all over the planet and into the Universe. Do everything with love.

Recent QHHT and Introspective Hypnosis sessions have brought forth some important information in the last few weeks. There are powerful Lemurian light codes coming in from the Central Sun currently and these may affect your physical body somewhat (dizziness, vision problems, achy bones, tinnitus temporarily). Sea salt or Himalayan salt baths help tremendously with these temporary symptoms. Crystals such as obsidian and selenite will help too (just remember not to put the selenite into the water as it can dissolve).

Over the next 5 years the high energies on the planet will gradually get more intense, with the full force of the energies from several planets coming in around 2025. Many are awakening and are sensing the 5D energies intermittently at this time, and are very aware of the current situation; but as these light codes increase more and more will awaken. These people may well need our help to guide and to nurture them as they come to the realisation of the truth that a huge proportion of what we have been told and taught is a lie to keep us in a state of human slavery. Several QHHT sessions have stated that the first shoots of change (5D) will be evident around Spring 2021.

A recent hypnosis session also gave information about a possible black out. This is nothing to fear, but a possibility on the current time line. If/when a media blackout occurs, a clear victory of light over darkness will precede it. Recently channelling from Isis stated that it is done!! The light has won!! For us here at this time we have a way to go before we see the physical manifestation of change in frequency, and it's important that we continue our work to raise the frequency and light on the planet to a point where the darkness cannot reside here.

Check out Caroline Lowings who has some incredible information. She's had many QHHT & Introspective Hypnosis session with me, and since her first ever session a number of years ago she became the most incredible channeller. Her guides The Council of Twelve will regularly give information about the shift into 5D consciousness and she regularly writes about this on her blogs. Caroline is also very gifted and creates the most incredible crystal jewellery.

Sending a huge tsunami of love to you all.

Y x

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