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The Darkness is Being Removed at a Rapid Rate!

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How are you all doing? Things are moving along rapidly removing the dark forces and energies from the planet that can no longer reside within a 5th dimensional reality. What an incredible time to be alive, to be part of this, to contribute our energies to the ascension and to witness phenomenal change. There are so many changes happening on the planet right now, on a daily basis, it can be challenging to keep abreast of what is happening not just in our own country, but globally too. My advice and the advice that comes through time and time again in hypnosis sessions is to be an observer, learn to not 'react' , rather take a step back... and respond if needed or do something to completely distract yourself from focusing on whatever it is that has triggered you. It's important to be non-judgmental... everyone came into this physical life knowing they were going to play a certain role. Dolores Cannon would often say that some will play their role very well to allow you the opportunity to learn certain skills and lessons that you chose to learn before coming into this Earth time reality. Sending love to those who choose to hold a low frequency is a wonderful thing to do, as well as stepping away from that energy. Send love for the lesson you have learnt because of their behaviour, but sending love to them so that they may trigger the light within and awaken (taken from a QHHT session where a lady channelled the Council of Twelve) .There are some incredible trailblazers light workers who are able to disseminate important information about the 'now times' through other means. Caroline Lowings Channels, Magenta Pixie, Sacha Stone, Simon Parkes, Michael Jaco, JC Kay Quantum Truths, Charlie Ward, Mark Atwood and many more. A lot of their content is removed rapidly from certain platforms ... make of that what you will - but their content is very informative. They do have their own pages and are easily accessible should you not be able to find them on a certain platform.

Is it me or has a week gone from feeling like 7 days ... dragging .... to feeling like 3.5 days? Monday, Wednesday, oooh its Friday, Sunday, Monday again!! How time is speeding up (not that it ever existed). I've been busy facilitating lots of online sessions, and I have to say they are as incredible as the in person sessions. I love physically meeting people of course... but having an online Introspective Hypnosis or BQH session is certainly no compromise if you are unable to see me in person.

I've also gotten around to ordering my Ministerial certificates. At the early start of last year I became an ordained Minister of The Universal Life Church - after I had a couple of people ask me to facilitate a hand fasting ceremony for them, I felt this was a sign from the Universe to do something new. The Universal Life Church is nondenominational and respects people's freedom to choose what spiritual or religious path they feel is right. I'm most excited about offering the Ministerial service and hope to bring much joy and comfort into people's lives.

I have also joined MeWe as my primary social media as it appears to be a very ethical social media platform. Hope you'll join me - I'll drop the QR code below or find me using Yvette Sheppard.

As we go through this next phase, hold your energy and frequency high. Many countries have already had blackouts within the last few days (all part of the plan), so the UK is certain to not be far behind. Perhaps a little extra in the cupboards, and some water too - if you don't need it you'll get around to using it at some point. Use all your tools at your disposal to keep your awareness on things that make you happy... dance, sing, watch comedy, read an uplifting book, have a zoom chat with family and loved ones, have a potter in the garden and see what surprises await you. Above all keep being the beautiful human you are, keep the contact somehow, some way.

Sending you a tsunami of love My Dears

Y x

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