• Yvette Sheppard

Tips & Advice for a Spiritual Awakening

1. One Step At A Time.

You don't need to see the entire picture. Just take one step at a time. The Universe has your back and will guide you. Meditate and keep your frequency as high as possible, in love, joy and gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for.

2. Learn to let go!

If someone or something has left your life, then don't resist it; release and let go. Know that all is in Divine timing and there is something even more remarkable around the corner for you. You can't see the bigger picture, but there's a very good reason this is happening right now.

3. There is no good and bad... these are 3D polarities of illusion.

Try to be non-judgemental when observing and see the lessons in any given situation. If you have become aware of the control and atrocities on the planet it is important to feel the feelings of anger, but it is also important to move forward as quickly as possible to a place of neutrality, where you can send love to those affected, and forgiveness to those involved.

4. Forgiveness.

This is a huge one!! Forgive everyone, but more importantly forgive yourself. Everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have at that point it time. People have chosen to incarnate at this time and behave a certain way to allow you to evolve.

5. Love is everything... it's all there truly is.

Where there is darkness learn to bring love forward to transform it. It sounds cheesy and can be a challenge sometimes, but it truly is the only way. By doing this you will set yourself free of the bondage within your mind.

6. Shadow Work & Healing

Doing your shadow work, facing those areas of your life that you thought were buried and you didn't want to deal with. They will at some point bubble to the surface. They cannot stay within you, they need to be released to the Cosmos for transformation into positive energy. Trapped negative emotions, will hold you down and create dis-ease. Release them through mediation, reiki, yoga, QHHT.

7. Keep Your Frequency (emotions) High.

Do things to bring love into your heart, to make your day more joyous!! Dance, sing, go for a walk in nature. Write in a journal everything you are grateful for!! Play a musical instrument, or paint!! Using essential oils can help raise your frequency too. Learn a new skill, something that you've been putting off. Just smile and start to enjoy the little things; the rising sun, the bird song, the flowers and the animals. Above all else MEDITATE even if only for 10 minutes a day... this will help you to control your thought, your mind and ultimately your feelings (frequency).

8. Be Who You Truly Are.

Get in alignment with who you truly are!! Life on Gaia is short... get in alignment, do the job that you've always wanted to do, be in the loving relationship that you've always wanted!! It's time to step forward and be who you truly came here to be!

9. We are here for you! Reach Out!

Know that you are not on your own. Your star and soul brothers and sisters are all over the planet and are here to help you. Connect to them via social media, YouTube etc. we are all evolving and learning from one another. Welcome Home.

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