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Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH)

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Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) is a past life regression technique developed by Laura Whitworth in order to access any significant past lives of the client and to identify entities or attachments that are preventing or stopping them moving along their soul journey with ease. 


The technique assists the client to access past lives where there is significant information or healing that needs to be completed.  During hypnosis the client can gain important information and access the root cause of an emotional, physical or spiritual problem and be guided to healing from within.  

SCHH is also a phenomenal  tool in order to ascertain, remove and relocate any earthbound entities that may have lost their way, ET or galactic attachments,  dark force energies and attachments, as well as the removal of curses and spells.  A full and thorough scanning of all physical and energetic bodies is undertaken, clearing, cleansing and re-calibration of the chakras and auric field.  

It is then possible to speak with the Higher Self to gain further information and advice, before requesting healing and upgrades to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  

SCHH can be undertaken online via zoom -  or in person. 

A gaming style headset with fixed mic is essential, and an un-disturbed room for 4 hours.

4 hour session

Zoom or In Person


(deposit of £133)

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