Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH)

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SCHH is a past life regression technique developed by Laura Whitworth.  The technique allows the client to access past lives where there is significant information or healing that needs to be completed.   Under the guidance of the hypnotherapist the client can gain important information and access the root cause of an emotional, physical or spiritual problem and be guided to healing from within.  

It is then possible to speak with the Higher Self to gain further information and advice, before requesting healing and upgrades to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  


The technique or tool can also be used to remove and relocate  attachments,  earthbound entities, ET implants etc that may have been causing a manifestation of physical or mental problems.  The Higher Self is then asked to re-build the clients aura and repair any tears or holes that may have occurred.

SCHH can be undertaken online via zoom -  or in person. Please note that for online sessions Zoom is required and a gaming type headset with fixed mic.