Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

The human body holds onto repressed emotions, these are stored in our subconscious waiting to be dealt with.  If they are not death with these suppressed emotions may start to manifest as physical symptoms as your soul desperately tries to alert you to the fact that you have these low frequency emotions trapped in your light body.  These emotions may have been generated in this life time or previous lifetimes.  

Image by Timothy Dykes

BQH is a technique developed and created by Candace Craw-Goldman - it is a new modality for the New Earth.  BQH is a very spiritual, heart based technique that has much flexibility within its foundation allowing the practitioner to work very intuitively when undertaking a regression session.  

BQH is a regression therapy technique, so many clients will receive information regarding past lives, or possibly situations in this current lifetime where healing is required.  As this technique is so flexible and we never know what we will discover in the session, anything is possible... whether it's deep inner healing from past lives, or present life healing that is required, a discussion with a loved one who has transitioned, or an earth bound entity attachment that has been impressing their feelings onto the client and needs help transitioning; or help and guidance from the Angels, ancestors or team in spirit.  Of course BQH can help with physical and emotional problems, as well as very deep healing and answering many questions brought by the client when speaking to either the clients superconscious, Angels, guides or ancestors.

BQH can be conducted in person, or online via Zoom. A gaming type headset with fixed mic is required as is excellent internet speed

You are a powerful being of light.  All the answers are within you.  The ability to heal is within you.