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Clinical Hypnotherapy

£100 per  1 hour session
3 X 1 hour sessions recommended over a 3 week period
Zoom or In Person Sessions Available

Clinical Hypnotherapy using an individualised plan and techniques to help many different psychological disorders such as phobias, fears, eating disorders, low self esteem, migraine, obsessions, weight loss and allergies, insomnia, smoking cessation, as well as many physical symptoms.  

The session is individualised to the needs of the client & we work together with the subconscious mind to a positive outcome. 


Whilst in the beautiful, relaxed state of hypnosis,  you will not need to speak; but allow your subconscious mind to communicate via ideomotor responses (IMR) of the fingers. This is a very natural, automatic response of the subconscious when in hypnosis, and is an effective form of communication.  Your job is simply to relax, and allow your subconscious mind to do all the work.

A booking of 3 X 1 hour sessions are recommended for optimum results. 

Sessions can be in person, or remotely via a zoom session. 

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