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QHHT Level 2 - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - Dolores Cannon Method

All the knowledge, wisdom & answers you are seeking are within you,

waiting to be discovered.


4 hour Session 

In Person Only


(deposit of £133)

QHHT is a very powerful hypnosis tool developed by the late phenomenal Dolores Cannon.  As a qualified QHHT level 2 practitioner, trained by Julia Cannon & Kaya Wittenburg, I guide clients using Dolores' specific technique into a deeply relaxed state, to a time and place where there is important information to help with this current lifetime.  Clients will often receive the most incredible information, and healing during a QHHT session.  The higher self knows everything there is to know about that person and indeed has brought them forward for the session.  As such the higher self knows exactly where to take the client during a session, whether they are shown a past life on earth, a galactic life or a memory from this lifetime that they are now ready to heal, or a combination; each client's session is unique to them.  In the words of Dolores 'each client will receive exactly what they are ready to receive'.   


The session consists of a discussion of life so far, and taking a closer look at the ten questions that the client wishes to ask of the higher self.   The hypnosis then takes place, where we allow your soul to take you to exactly where you need to go.   It's quite usual to see a couple of past incarnations, but this can vary depending upon the client.  We then seek permission to speak directly to the clients higher self where we can ask the questions they have been brought to the session.   The higher self is then asked to carry out  a full body scan to identify areas where healing is required.  Healing is then requested where appropriate  via the higher self.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can be extremely beneficial in offering deep healing and showing you a new way forward, especially when you are unsure of the direction to go. 

Clients have found that they have received great benefit by identifying the emotion that has been causing a physical manifestation of dis-ease; and the higher self assisting with the healing of that dis-ease.  The higher self often offers advice on how to move forward.  A fresh insight into love or life issues.  Clients will often discover what happened with unusual occurrences or missing time, as well as unusual occurrences with ET's and galactic beings.   

SURROGATE HEALING  It is also possible to undertake surrogate healing for a loved one who cannot attend their own QHHT session.  This is done by using the client's body and during hypnosis connecting  directly to the loved ones higher self to ask questions about their health and request appropriate healing.  

QHHT Session - A Message From The Sun - The Ascension

A Message from the Sun  - The Ascension
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